Esther van de Steene

About me  

Esther van de Steene (1975) mother of 3.

I graduated in 2003 at The Design Academy Eindhoven. As a graphic designer I love diving into my clients world. Finding the essence of what they do and how they do it, what makes them unique. Then simplify and translate it to just that particular image. And develop it for a maximum of joy for my client.

Over time I got more and more curious of what I would create without an somebody else's assignment. What would be my own essence? And how would I elaborate that?

After a a period of caregiving, I desided to use the tremendous amount of art materials my mom left me, to figure that out. A few years later I know exactly what I want to make and why.

I want to bring luck with my work, a spark, a push in the positive direction. To bring fun in the ordinary. Making it easier to give love and attention. To make happy. I enjoy my life and I want to give it forward.

Graphic design
I use my way of working as a graphic designer in my free work. I love bringing ideas back to the essence. Simplicity, removing the chaos, designing a concept well and develop it in detail, with a maximum of joy. 


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