Poppy, a Work of Art for Comfort

What makes a poppy so special? How did a poppy acquire such strong symbolism? Can a work of art truly comfort people?

Discover why poppies grew on battlefields and how symbolism helps my artwork better achieve its purpose.


'Poppy' is a painting featuring an image of a poppy as a character providing comfort.


Facts About Poppies:

When it rains, it closes up, hence the name Poppy. (Ha! Did you know that?)

You can't pick a poppy or put it in a vase, as the petals will immediately fall off.

Poppies are annual plants. They bloom from late May to July and belong to the Papaveraceae family.

Poppy seeds are used as poppy seeds in dishes.

Opiates are derived from the poppy Papaver somniferum, recognizable in flower shops by its purple bulb. By cutting into the unripe seed pod and drying the milky sap that oozes out, raw opium is produced. Morphine can be extracted from opium.

The common poppy found in fallow lands or along roadsides contains no opium. So you won't get high if you smoke them.


Symbolism of the Poppy

The poppy is a flower that carries deep symbolism.

In mythology, the poppy is known as the attribute of Hypnos, the Greek god of sleep. Hypnos is often depicted with a poppy in his hand or around his head because of the flower's calming, sleep-inducing, and hypnotic properties.

But there is another reason why the poppy has such special meaning:

Poppies often grow on disturbed grounds, causing some areas to be completely covered by them.


The Poppy as a Symbol of Comfort

The poppy symbolizes comfort.

The poppy gained this symbolism thanks to World War I and the fields full of blooming poppies on the battlefields in Flanders, as described in the poem "In Flanders Fields" by John McCrae.

After World War I, the battlefields in Northern France turned red with poppies. The comfort symbolism comes from the idea that poppies grow where someone has been killed. For a long time, it was thought that the flower absorbed the pain and blood of fallen soldiers, resulting in their beautiful red color.

People wear poppies during remembrance days for those who died in wars, particularly World War I. This practice is widespread in countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.



Comfort is encouraging someone who is suffering physically or mentally. It eases the pain and prevents someone from feeling alone or abandoned.

When you receive a poppy for comfort, you will feel supported every time you see the poppy. You will be constantly reminded that someone empathizes with you and that you are not alone.


Poppy is a painting that you can give as a gift to comfort someone.


The Comforting Painting ‘Poppy’

Sometimes you really want to comfort someone who is going through a tough time.

You find yourself struggling with cliché phrases like 'Hang in there' (pat on the shoulder), 'Take care!' and 'You know where to find me, right?'

And a hug is too brief.

I just want to give something. Something that helps, that goes beyond those empty words.

The painting 'Poppy' depicts a little poppy in an endearing way. The painting reflects the comfort that the poppy symbolizes, showing this little poppy as a cute, cuddly character that empathizes with you.

It goes beyond a visual artwork and serves as a source of comfort for the owner, especially during challenging times.

Every time you look at "Poppy," you experience comfort. Not just from the artwork itself, but also from the person who gave it to you.


Symbolism in My Artworks

Symbolism plays an important role in my artworks. It allows me to convey clear messages.

Often, a painting can evoke different emotions, and the reactions and interpretations of the audience can vary greatly. Some people may fully identify with a piece, while others might see a completely different message in it.

In my paintings, I want the purpose to be very clear. Symbolism and archetypal subjects give a piece the power to reach someone, regardless of background or experience.


A Comfort Gift

If you are looking for something to give to someone who is having a hard time, consider the painting 'Poppy'. This artwork is not just decorative; it is a comfort gift that constantly reminds the recipient that they are not alone.

A comforting artwork like ‘Poppy’ is a gift that goes beyond words.


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