A Blue dot with a heavy life

The artwork A blue dot with a heavy life is meant to lift a heavy mood with some humor and trust.


Feeling down

It's a work about feeling down. Being out of balance. It's a reminder about this affirmation for a better mindset:  am strong, I am flexible, I am balanced


Everything will be ok

If life gives you lemons, remember that everything is going to be ok, or it's going to be ok in another way.


Price € 495
Size 50 x 70 cm
Print on 5mm plexiglas
Ready to hang
Edition of 25o
With certificate signed and numbered




Printing on plexiglass makes colors become even more striking. There is optimal contrast and a unique depth effect. A print on plexiglass is durable; under optimal conditions, it will last a lifetime. At the back, the print is provided with 2 cm. suspension profile, so it is easy to hang on the wall. The artwork wil be securely sent to you and ready to hang.​​


  • Blue dot with a heavy life,  50 x 70 cm in plexiglass
    Blue dot with a heavy life, 50 x 70 cm in plexiglass

    BLUE DOT WITH A HARD LIFEWhen life gives you lemons, remember: 'I am strong, I am flexible, I am balanced'. Everything will be ok and otherwise it will be ok in an other way.

    ∙ Size 50 x 70 cm
    ∙ Print on 5mm plexiglass

    € 495,00
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