Geluksvogels - Esther van de Steene

Lucky Birds is currently at show in Art Gallery De Kleine Werf


Lucky Birds is an artwork that brings luck

Swallows are a symbol of love, prosperity, and good luck. It’s supposed to bring luck when a swallow nests in your house. Imagine what will happen with a whole flock of them in your house. Lucky Birds is a lucky work of art containing 11 bright blue and red swallows, because 11 is a lucky number.

Art as an affimation for a better mindset

I think that regularly being confronted with an artwork that symbolises good luck, will get you the right mindset to attrackt good luck in your life. Art as an affirmation for a better mindset. 

Gallery wall for any space 

Because the work exists of 11 parts, its total size is flexible to fit any wall. The artwork comes with a gallery wall hack, a handy trick that makes it super easy to place the work perfectly. 


Info and price

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