Hair stick pink sweater

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Hair stick pink sweater

A little friend in your hair, that wispers sweet little things in your ear. This way you'll never feel alone. This one is wearing a new pink sweater. She has a little gray outgrowth in her hair, but who cares, still looking delicious)

Very very cool hairdo’s are possible with hair sticks (google). Making a bun with a hairstick is really easy: 



Sanded bamboo, acryllic paint and furniture varnish.

A sweet gift for a best friend

A sweet gift to give to a best friend with long hair. Or Give one little friend to your friend and keep another little friend one for yourself.

Fits through the mailbox

And it fits through the mailbox, so you can send it to someone who's in need of a little friend, but lives too far away.


And did you know hair sticks are better for your hair than hair ties.


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