Mini-me hair sticks, to keep your hair up and to never feel alone. 

One day I made two hairsticks of me and Veerle, wearing the same striped shirts we just bought on our weekend together in Stockholm. I gave me to Veerle and kept Veerle for myself. It was so cosy to have a little Veerle in my hair, like she was a little bit around the whole time. Then I made my kids and other friends too. I enjoy them so much. I gave away docter Asje to a neighbour friend with corona.

I decided to make a number of mini-me's for my shop, to sell as little friends to keep you company and to wisper sweet things in your ear, like how good you look and that everything will be ok, always.


  • Hair stick
    Hair stick

    Hand painted hairstick

    This is my mini-me, the tiny version of me. And better than pencils, spoons or paint brushes when hair ties are not around. This way you allways have a little friend with you, who wispers sweet little…

    € 45,00
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