Postive artworks that give you a push in the nice direction.

I love things that bring good luck. I think that being confronted a lot with something that symbolises good luck, will get you into the right mindset to attrackt luck in your life.

Art about family

And that the art piece Through Thick and Thin will remind you every time that you are there for each other unconditionally. That is a comfortable and warm, protected feeling.

Art for a good mindset

Or a work of art that underlines how very animal friendly you are. Or to lie in your warm cosy bed while looking at an artwork especially made for sleep.

This is what I mean by positive art. It gives you what you need sometimes.


Lucky Birds by Esther van de Steene  Lucky Birds #3 - Esther van de Steene

Click here for Lucky Birds an artwork that brings you luck.


Counting sheep by Esther van de Steene      Counting Sheep #4 - Esther van de Steene


Click here for Counting Sheep, for art that makes you tired.


Fortunate butterflies by Esther van de Steene      Through Thick and Thin - Esther van de Steene


Fortunate Butterflies, if you're way too animal friendly for those beautiful butterflies in box frames.



Door Dik en Dun zeefdrukken, door Esther van de Steene   Door dik en dun #1 - Esther van de Steene



Through Thick And Thin, a very limited edition series of screenprints about siblings


 positive art by Esther van de Steene    A Blue Dot With a Hard Life - Esther van de Steene


Click here for More single artworks, limited edition fine art prints in plexiglass 

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