About me

Hi, I'm Esther van de Steene.
I graduated in 2003 at the Design Academy in Eindhoven and have been an independent graphic designer since. A very lucky one, with nice assignments, lovely clients and the opportunity to be home after school with my 3 kids.

In 2017 my mom fell ill and I got to be caregiver of her and my mentally disabled brother. (It was very special to see their roles shift during the course of her illness)

After she died I decided to stop working for clients for a while. To find out what I would make without an assignment. And I would use the tremendous amount of art supplies my mom left me.

Creating every day, the outcome was unimportant. Just to find out what sparked my joy (thanks Marie). It felt pretty uncomfortable sometimes, like standing on loose soil (can you say that in Englisch?). When everything is open and you have no idea where you’re going to end up.

To just start every morning creating, led by what’s going on around me. (skating kids wanting extra pocket money; Cocomat who offered me space on their walls; the upbringing of the kids; hair ties that we’re allways out of; a next door neighbour who is stuck with a huge amount of terra cotta cups. 

This website is my little shop with those projects of the past period.
And it's my portfolio with some of my graphic work.

You can follow me on instagram if you’d like to see my new stuff ones in a while.

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