11 Lucky Birds

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Lucky Birds is currently at show in Art Gallery De Kleine Werf

Lucky Birds gallery wall set

Swallows are a symbol of love, prosperity, and good luck. It’s supposed to bring luck when a swallow nests in your house. Imagine what will happen with a whole flock of them in your house. A lucky work of art that contains 11 bright blue and red swallows, because 11 is a lucky number.

Lucky birds on the wall as an affirmation for a better mindset 

I think that regularly being confronted at home with something that symbolises good luck, will get you into the right mindset to attrackt good luck in your life. Art as an affirmation for a better mindset.

Lucky Birds gallery wall hack

Because the work consists of 11 piarts, it's size is flexible and it will fit any space. The artwork comes with a special gallery wall hack, ahandy trick that makes it super easy to place the work perfectly.


  • printed on 5mm plexiglas
  • 11 pieces of 20x20cm 
  • Ultra bright colors
  • Limited edition of 250 
  • With certificate, signed and numbered
  • The perspex causes optimal contrast and a unique depth effect 
  • Fits any room. Because it exists of 11 parts, its total size is flexible to fit any wall, or two walls, or three.. 
  • The artwork comes with a handy trick that makes it super easy to place the work perfectly.
  • On your request I can make a fotoshop impression of your wall with the Lucky birds.


Because 11 is a lucky number, the birds are only for sale as a flock of 11

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